Standing up to WRITE

Today I begin the journey of this book.

The name has it’s own story.

While reading a children’s book on writing, I came across the quote, “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” By Henry David Thoreau, A few weeks after I read it, I saw Mr. Thoreau’s name on a report by Relative Finder as my distant ancestral cousin.

I took both of those instances as a sign. The quote that so perfectly described the decision I made almost 6 years ago, was destined to influence the title of my journey.

Standing UP to Live is the story of how this Grandma made the decision to get out of bed, and get her life back.

It chronicals my journey from a pharmalogical pain medication addiction to finding a treatment that gave me my life back. Then, what I did with the life I gained.

This is my story. My story of faith in my Heavenly Father. Faith in His daughter. Faith in Jesus Christ.


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